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At ASPEN GAS, we offer Solar Hot Water Services throughout Melbourne. Contact us to discuss your needs today.

Solar Hot Water systems are now being encouraged by the Australian government in order to reduce our carbon footprint. As one of the largest uses of energy consumption within Australia is due to methods of heating water, consider switching to a Sanden Solar Hot Water system today.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

At ASPEN GAS we specialise in the installation and maintenance of Sanden Heat Pump Hot Water systems. These systems harvest the energy of the sun, generating energy in which the storage tank relies upon to heat the water for your residence. The benefits of this system are endless, providing a reliable heating option with long term environmental benefits.

Solar Hot Water saves you money and increases the value of your property

Environmentally Friendly

As the threat to our environment becomes increasingly higher, it is important to consider alternate methods within your residence. By swapping to a Solar Hot Water System you are not only reducing the energy output and cost of your electricity bill, but moving towards a self-reliable method of producing energy. Essentially you are providing yourself with a method of heating water that is entirely free, saving you money and increasing the value of your property long term. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of swapping to Solar Hot Water today.

Enjoy the benefits of Solar Hot Water today

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